Blogging About Rottweilers


My name is Liz Gutierrez. My husband, Angel Gutierrez, and I own a Rottweiler kennel named Der Korperkraft Von Rottweilers, better known as DKV Rottweilers. For those of you who are wondering, that translates to “The Physical Strength of Rottweilers” in English. We have spent most of our lives around the Rottweiler breed. We have three sons who have spent their entire lives around Rottweilers. Throughout the years, we have learned so much about the Rottweiler. Our new DKV Rottweilers Blog is where I will be posting random, but useful, knowledge for anyone interested learning about the powerful Rottweiler. I will share stories about receiving our first Rottweiler puppy to losing our old family companion, and every fun loving and hair pulling obstacles we faced in-between.


Written by Liz Gutierrez

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